Original Oil Paintings……

Butterfly in the sky

Title: “Butterfly in the sky, thank you for the reminder that often in life what appears to be and ending is really a glorious new beginning”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″


Title: “I will not let you go into the unknown alone”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

The Artist

Title: “The Artist”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Title: “It had been growing in her like vegetables. She was going into the ground where it could do better, where she could have cabbage, tomatoes and potatoes.
The vegetables could easily be mistaken for stones, especially the potatoes. It would fall to her to sort them out, persuade them to stay.
Close to her, comforting her, letting her
Wear them on her body, in her hair,
Helping her hold always very still”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Mistress of Wolfbane
Title: “She is the Mistress Wolfbane,
wicken watcher of the night.
She can see the darkness within you.
she can also see the light.
She feels the Earth, the water, wind and fire, …
these elements she commands.
The supernatural surrounds her;
hold’s your soul within her hand.
The past is set, the future unknown,
the present she controls.
Her message is a simple one;
What you do in life,
In death affects our soul.”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Winter Shades
Title: “As I wait for you among shades of winter, every minute feels as though a lifetime has passed.”
Oil on canvas 36″x30″

Ashley Elizabeth
Title: “Portrait of Chicago Gallery Owner Ashley Elizabeth –
“Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Her fluffy rose colored lips glisten with eyes emerald green and almond shaped set deep into her face and yet when she looks at you with those same deep set eyes, it feels like they jump out, speaking to you.”
Oil on canvas-20″x30”

Woman and Sparrow
Title: “Little bird of peace, and hope and love
Come fluttering earthward from above,
To settle on life’s window-sills,
And ease our load of earthly ills”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Clown and Bird
Title:”Though wast not born for death, immortal Bird!
No hungry generations tread thee down;
The voice I hear this passing night was heard
In ancient days by emperors and clowns”
Oil on canvas-20″x30″

Expulsion from Eden
Title: “Expulsion From Eden”
Oil on canvas-24″x36″

Beauty Beneath
Title: “What Beauty Lies Beneath”
Oil on canvas–36″x48″
Title: “Portrait of artist/painter Mark Kostabi (The hand of god)”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Title: “I am the sweetest scent from a flower,
I am the song of birds,
I am the sound from my mom when she laughs
I am the warmth you feel from a loving dog,
I am everything that is beautiful,
I am Free.”
Oil on canvas – 48″x36″

Rainbows are lovely
Title: “Rainbows are lovely, I love their soft hues.
It brings God’s promise to me in clear views.
A covenant of love after the flood had gone:
To show my own heart the glorious new dawn.”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

My little island
Title: “My Little Island”
Oil on canvas-48″x30″

Wish i was a bird
Title: “I wish I was a bird
So I could spread my wings and fly;
Take the beauty of my soul,
And share it with the sky

Oil on canvas-24″x30″

A perfect day
Title: “The Perfect Day”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Weeping Butterfly
Title: “Weeping Butterfly”
Oil on canvas-20″x30″

wild flowers
Title: “Gather the wild flowers from the sunniest slopes, Bring them to me with their wealth of perfume, Cheering as happiness, charming as hope; What varied phases of joy they assume!”
Oil on board-30″x24″

The ghosts of temptation
Title: “The Ghosts of Temptation”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Twins”
Oil on canvas–36″x64″

Fairy Queen
Title: “The Fairy Queen’s River.”
Oil on canvas–40”x30”

Butterfly hug
Title: “Butterfly Hug”
Oil on canvas-36″x48″

Title: “As the Ladybug leaves the nest she wears no disguises. She is just what she advertises. A fashion statement on the wing…. A miniature orange kite. A tiny dot-to-dot delight”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

flamingo paradise
Title: “Flamingo Paradise”
Oil on canvas-36″x64″

Title: “Beautiful”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Walking through Sunflower field
Title: “New Beginnings”
Oil on canvas-36″x48″

Title: “There is no life I know To compare with pure imagination Living there, you’ll be free If you truly wish to be”
Oil on canvas-36″x48″

Take Me Away
Title: “Take Me Away”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

girl in the rain
Title: “Silent from all her pain, she is the girl in the rain”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

A Bull an His Sheep
Title: “A Bull and His Sheep”
Oil on canvas-30″x36″

Title: “Winter Surprises”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Title: “Give Me Odorous at Sunrise, a Garden of Beautiful Flowers Where I Can Walk Undisturbed”
Oil on canvas–30”x24”

Title: “Forest Sanctuary”
Oil on canvas -48″x36″

Magical night
Title: “One wintery night she heard the owl call her name”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

If she couldnt have Humpty
Title: “If She Couldn’t Have Humpty, Neither Would Anyone Else”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

Lady in living room
Title: “Her little family”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Its a beautiful life
Title: “Wonderful Life”
Oil on canvas-48″x36
amusement park
Title: “The abandoned amusement park held many memories of generations and thrills gone by”
Oil on Canvas – 30″x36″

Title: “Woman on Wings of Desire”
Oil on board – 24″x30″

Chief Catcheway
Title: Cameron Catcheway – “Current Skonan First Nations Chief” (Manitoba)
“I thank the creator for giving us the strength to move the Skownan First Nations forward; In unity we stand together we will strive for our youth, elders and most important the unborn” – Chief Cameron Catcheway
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Fruitful Woman
Title: “The Fruitful Woman”
Oil on canvas–36″x48″

Women are like flowers
Title: “Women are like flowers. Different shapes, sizes, and colors. There isn’t one that isn’t beautiful. “(To all those mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends who are going through a stormy period in your life just remember this; those hard times only polish you. They make your colors shine brighter and make you grow stronger! Hang in there nothing is forever and after every storm there always comes peace.)
Oil on canvas-48″x32”

Perfect mother
Title: “The Perfect Mother”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Girl Surrounded by chickens
Title: “Hens in the garden”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Heaven isnt too far away
Title: “As she lay in the river, embraced by the cool water, she realized heaven wasn’t too far away”
Oil on board–30”x24″

Title: “A summer’s day”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

<a Ballet
Title: “Ballet on a rainy day”
Oil on canvas -30″x36″

Ghost Ship
Title: “She plays her violin before the ghost ship. Surrounded by the waters of the great blue sea. A mystic song for the spirits of what has been. And the ghost ship as in a vision gone, Moves to the music on-and on.”
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

Easy Rider_2014
Title: “Easy Rider-2014″
Oil on canvas-48″x36”

Cowboy and his horse = LOVE
Title: “The cowboy and his horse”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

The world is ours
Title: “The World Is Ours”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

her bow made love
Title: “As her bow made love to needy strings, she played music for all the broken hearts”
Oil on canvas-24″x30″

The perfect Mother
Title: “The Perfect Mother”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Mermaid kiss
Title: “Mermaid Kiss”
Oil on canvas-40″x30″

Alice and Red
Title: “Alice and Red enjoying a cup of tea in the dark forrest.”
Oil on canvas–40”x30”

Fields of Barley
Title: “There is rustle and glimmer, sway and sweep– as they danced where the barley fields grow deep. Singing the songs they have often sung– “Sweet is the earth when the summer is young And the barley fields are green and gold!”
Oil on board–24”x30”

Title:“Take me where the gypsies dance dressed in gold and silver Burning bright beneath the stars while dancing over water, where swans do glide and buds do flower.”
Oil on board–30”x24”

Ends and New Beginnings
Title: “Ends and New Beginnings – (Second chances)”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Dance under Moon
Title: “I saw some young women dance under a full moon So beautiful their faces, so graceful their dance… as they swang to the songs, they smiled… They were all the things I was once. So, I stole that moment, and locked it away in my mind… to be there, to comfort me in my empty days”
Oil on canvas-36″x48″

girlfriend Kiss
Title: “The Girlfriend Kiss”
Oil on board: 30″x24″

A flower for you
Title: “A Flower For You”
Oil on board-24″x30″

Title: “My connection to the earth is reinforced through the peacefulness of the lake and rhythm of the waves.”
Oil on board–30”x24”

The Strays-2
Title: “The Strays”
Oil on board-24″x30″

Enjoying the view
Title: “Enjoying The View”
Oil on canvas–24”x30”

Title: “The Jazz Artist”
Oil on canvas–36”x36”

Winter Fairy
Title: “The icicles glistens, The snowflakes have fell, The fairies have cast their wintery spell. In moonlight they twinkle, Dancing with glee, A bright winter wonderland, By the magical tree.”
Oil on canvas: 24″x30″

Waitress Dreams
Title: “Waitress Dreams” (Rihanna, Gaga, Miley, Katy and Britney)
Oil on canvas-48″x36″

Title: “If I Was Beautiful Like You…”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Beauty Tames The Beast”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

A Single Winter Bloom
Title: “A Single Winter Bloom”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Merry go round
Title: “As she came upon the abandoned merry-go-round, she wondered what happenned to all the amusement parks”
Oil on canvas – 48″x30”

Title:”The Spirit of the Buffalo (Once upon a time, bison roamed in huge herds across the wilds of the United States and Canada)”
Oil on canvas-48″x30″

The Guardian
Title: “She slept peacefully, because she knew that the fierce spirit of the bear would watch over her through the night.”
Oil on canvas-48″x30

A boys first crush
Title: “The First Crush”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Central Park
Title: “The Day We Danced In Central Park”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Autmn Shades
Title: “I Wait For You Among Autumn Shades”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

I wait for you among summer shades
Title: “I Wait For You Among Shades of Summer”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Winter cottage
Title: “I Wait For You Among Winter Shades”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Title: “I Wait For You Among Shades of Spring”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

The Good Witch
Title: “She likes to feel the wind as it rushes through her hair The warmth of sunlight kissing on her face She is as mystical as butterfly as spontaneous as a heartbeat and unpretentious as a clear day She has nothing to hide… She is a natural woman.”
Oil on canvas–30”x24″

Where are all the eagles
Title: “The Indian Chief looked up into the sky and with great sadness, thought to himself…where have all the eagles gone.”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Gypsy Dance – In a circle, in a ring Gypsy dance, gypsy sing, Gypsy dance to the tambourine in fields of green.”
Oil on board–30”x24”

Title: “Homeless Man Sleeping in Park”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Homeless Election Day<a
Title: “Homeless Man on Election Day”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

peafowl love
Title: “Our love is like a peacock-it’s beauty so rare; A rainbow of colors that vibrantly flare.”
Oil on board–24”x30”

Blue Room
Title: “The Blue Room”
Oil on canvas-36″x64″

Alice and Teddy
Title: “Alice And The Homeless Teddy Bears”
Oil on canvas-30″x20″

Title: “Pearls.”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Amusement Teddy
Title: “As she bent down to pick up the orphaned Teddy bear glowing under the amusement park lights, She wondered to herself, if this amusement park teddy bear could speak what stories could it tell?”
Oil on Board – 24″x30″

the era of digitized collars and shackles
Title: “The era of digitized collars and shackles”
Oil on canvas-36″x48″

Sad Clown
Title: “Behind his bright shell,all colourful and crazy Lies a tragic story,all dark and hazy. He hides his sorrow,his plight. Tries to hide away,fly away on humor’s flight. You probably don’t know him, he gets lost in the crowd He is the sad clown.”
Oil on boards–30”x24”

Title: “A glorious day”
Oil on canvas–30”x24”

Title: “I kneel down looking up on the unrevealed facing my reality and my fear.”
Oil on canvas–30”x24”

Title: “The World Outside My Window”
Oil on board–24”x30”

Title: “The Frog Prince Tells The Princess it’s Over”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Title: “A Beautiful Mess”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”.

The Bad Date
Title: “The Bad Date”
Oil on board-30″x24″

Pick Your Poison
Title: “Pick Your Poison”
Oil on board-24″x30″

Title: “Lady Liberty Cries For Her Children”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Title: “God Loves Everyone”
Oil on canvas–30”x24”

Title: “Lamb Of The Cross”
Oil on canvas–24”x30”

Title: “All That Mattered Was The Kiss”
Oil on canvas–36″x48″

Title: “Seated Woman.”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Jewish Experience of Suffering – It is not that Jews want to suffer, it is that Jews have constantly been made to suffer”
Oil on canvas–24”x30”

Title: “Praying Woman”
Oil on canvas–36″x48″

Title: “Need Someone To Hold Me”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “The Red Room”
Oil on canvas–36”x64”.

Title: “Rushing Home for Christmas Dinner”
Oil on board–24″x30″

Title: “Crown of Roses.
Oil on board–24″x30”

Title: “Munch and Picasso Go Fishing”
Oil on canvas– 24″x30″

Title: “Vulnerable”
Oil on canvas–36″x48″

Title: “Remembering the Famine in Ukraine”
Oil on board–24″x30″

Paintings From the Black and White Series

Title: “Wanting Gold”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Twins”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Reflection”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Umbilical Cord”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Loss”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Title: “The Hug”
Oil on canvas–48”x36” Price

Title: “Unforgiven”
Oil on canvas–48”x36”

Title: “Support”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Confusion”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “The Murder”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Empathy”
Oil on canvas–36”x30”

Title: “Hurt”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Title: “Empire”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Embrace”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Falling”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”

Title: “Hate”
Oil on canvas-30″x24″

Title: “Short Cut”
Oil on canvas–48”x72”

Title: “Struggle”
Oil on canvas–80”x36”

Title: “Crucifixion of Dysmas and Gestas – The two thieves”
Oil on canvas–36”x48”

Title: “Behind the Blue Door”
Oil on canvas–30”x36”